23dna has been involved with Prenatal DNA testing for over a decade, and because of our work many people lives are different now, and will never be the same. We care about the lives we touch, and take the responsibility bestowed upon us with pride.

With over 3000 collections sites throughout the country we are certain that we will have one close to you.

Locate a DNA lab collection by your zip code (a free new! service), locate A nearby DNA collection site now.

" 23dna ™ is here to help you, don't hesitate to start your journey to the truth."

23dna's Non-invasive prenatal test is our new test that only requires a blood draw, unlike previous prenatal tests our test is 100% safe for the mother and fetus, now we can establish paternity before the baby is born, in as early as the 5 weeks of pregnancy.
Reviewed and reported by AABB accredited labs, Learn more about the AABB certification.
Note - Do to the high demand, all email submissions after 2:00pm eastern time, will be addressed in the following day, thank you for you're understanding.
- Eli, O
23dna Founder
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