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Prenatal DNA Testing Services
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23dna® has been involved with DNA testing for over a decade, our service changed the lives of thousands of people. Visit our DNA tests page, for more info.


Legal paternity testing from 23dna is the most affordable and easiest way to order a DNA test, results are in 2 days from the moment we have your sample.


We started this form about two years ago & now this is the most vibrant community for DNA talk. Join the discussion & learn more about your DNA testing options.


Non invasive prenatal test, use our online order form, a fast, safe & simple way to order your dna test while pregnant. Order now.


We find the closest collection site to your zip code, we also setup the appointment so you dont have to. Try our new! location by zip code and find the closest lab to your location.


Is needed when two people think they are half-siblings, i.e. sharing only one parent. When two people think they are absolute siblings, i.e. sharing both parents.

23dna featured DNA tests

Here is a quick view of our dna testing services and some relevant information. We have a new quick order form at our online store to make things easy for our online visitors, now you can still order by phone, but we find that most people prefer the online option, it is simple to use and much faster, our phone representatives are sometimes overwhelmed & need to sen our callers to voice mail, the online form helps reduce that from ever happening. after you make your order we contact you within on business day or less to start your process.