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Prenatal DNA Test
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Prenatal DNA Test.

Non-invasive Prenatal DNA Testing

23dna has been involved with DNA testing for over a decade and places us as one of the top D.N.A Testing Laboratories in the East Coast. With over 3000 collections sites throughout the country we are certain that we will have one close to you. You can be confident you will receive the utmost care, consideration, and confidentiality by using our services.
Being a single mom |isn't simple, and you'll want to know who the father of your respective child is. At 23dna, we understand that you're going through a difficult time. we helped hundreds of families and thousands of women, let us help you to. please visit our reviews page and see all our happy customers and the stories they share. Prenatal paternity testing services are provided with our understanding, care and discretion, so you can get you're answers without any stress to you and your baby.